What To Expect If You Visit Ginger Fox Gallery in Bishop Arts District

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Kicking off our fifth year in the Bishop Arts District, the Ginger Fox Gallery primarily features paintings by Ginger Fox, but also represents a select group of other local fine artists including Juli Price and Jennifer Lashbrook. Ginger Fox began professionally showing her artwork over 15 years ago at established highly regarded galleries across the country before collaborating with partner Lara Humphrey to open and show exclusively at the Ginger Fox Gallery.

Upon visiting the gallery you will find several series of paintings mastered by Fox from magical realism to abstract expressionism. "People are surprised by my abstracts if they are first introduced to my detailed realism. In fact, I have been painting abstract expressionism for over 20 years. There is a freedom I feel during the creation process of pure abstraction, a connection between artist and canvas that has to be honored in order to capture the moment. This process is an instinctive form of painting that requires solitude and uninterrupted focus.”

Fox attributes her painting range to the fact that she is ambidextrous and paints with both hands- sometimes at the same time. She feels as though it might help her in accessing both hemispheres, with each side functioning in very different ways. Detail work seems to require one way of thinking, in which stopping and starting is not a problem, while the purely intuitive loose style of abstract expressionism requires another.  She also feels that having the freedom to paint in a variety of styles keeps her creative and inspired which she has more freedom to do since opening Ginger Fox Gallery.
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